The main research goal of AQUAINVAD-ED is to exploit novel molecular advances combined with the power of crowd data sourcing (citizen science) to develop innovative methods of early detection, control and management of AIS.

Roberta is based at Neoalgae Micro Seaweed Products, Gijón, Asturias.

Project Title & Synopsis: Risk Assessment and Control of Marine Aquatic Invasive (MIS) species.

Her research is based on application of molecular tools and species distribution models for developing risk assessment and control in seaweed invasion in the era of global climate change.

Supervisor(s):  Prof. José Manuel Rico Ordás & Yaisel Juan Borrell Pichs, Assistant Professor

Biography: Roberta finished her first Master Degree in Biology but to improve knowledge in aquatic ecology she gained second Master Degree in Fisheries and Game Management. Her previous work was focused on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) where she obtained experience in implementing environmental legal acts on the national and European level for biodiversity conservation. At present, she is a PhD student in Neoalgae Micro Seaweed Company, studying population genetics and developing species distribution models for prediciting and controlling the spread of invasive seaweed.

Undergraduate/postgraduate degree: 

  • Master Engineer in Fisheries and Game Managment (Faculty of Agronomy, University of Zagreb, Croatia);
  • Master of Experimental Biology, module: Zoology (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Bachelor of Biology (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Marine Biology, Marine Algae, Molecular Biology, Population Genetics, Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change