The main research goal of AQUAINVAD-ED is to exploit novel molecular advances combined with the power of crowd data sourcing (citizen science) to develop innovative methods of early detection, control and management of AIS.

Marta is based at Swansea University.

Project title: Natural vs. Anthropic variables in the dispersal of non-native invasive species.

Supervisor(s): Prof.Carlos Garcia de Leaniz & Prof. Sonia Sofia Consuegra del Olmo

Biography: Marta is an ecologist with a broad range of interest including conservation,  ecological modelling, invasive species, paleoecology, biogeography. Previous experience include working as research associate in The University of Adelaide studying the mechanisms underlying the patterns of species extinction across various (temporal and spatial) scales. She has experience in sampling and management and modelling the distribution of invasive vertebrates. 

Publications ( author / co-author):

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Undergraduate/postgraduate degree:

  • Master´s Degree in Basis and Applied Research in Hunting Resources  -University Institute of National Wildlife Research [(IREC) CSIC-UCLM-JCCM]
  • Degree in Environmental Sciences -University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM)