The main research goal of AQUAINVAD-ED is to exploit novel molecular advances combined with the power of crowd data sourcing (citizen science) to develop innovative methods of early detection, control and management of AIS.

Eight PhD Fellowships were made available through Horizon 2020 and a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action (ITN).

The Early Stage Researchers will receive training on the principles of invasion biology, providing them with the tools and knowledge required to detect and quantify the ecological and socio-economic impacts of Invasive Species and the skills necessary to communicate science to the general public, across disciplines and sectoral boundaries.

The Aquainvad-Ed training programme will be delivered through individual research projects, active participation in network activities and a unique combination of specialised courses designed to increase the employability of graduates in the consultancy sector, government, academia and the water industry.

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Our Researchers

ESR1 Teja Petra Muha

Teja is based at Swansea University and her research will focus on the Development and application of novel methods for the early detection of freshwater Aquatic Invasive Species.


ESR2 Marta Rodríguez-Rey


Marta is based at Swansea University and her research will look at Natural vs. Anthropic variables in the dispersal of non-native invasive species.


ESR3 Matteo Rolla


Matteo is based at Swansea University and his research will look at Freshwater alien invasive species impacts in the UK.


ESR4 Iva Johovic

Iva is based at the Università degli Studi di Firenze where her research will look at Risk Assessment and Control of North American Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

ESR5 Anaïs Rey

Anaïs is based at AZTI in Spain and her research will look at the Application of molecular methods for the early detection of aquatic invasive species in ballast water.

ESR6 Sabine Rech

Sabine is based at the University of Oviedo and her research will look at Floating plastics and attached biota along the Asturian coast.


ESR7 Phillip Haubrock

Phillip is based at NEMO (Italy) and his research will look at Invasive species in freshwater ecosystems: different impacts and possible interactions for the red swamp crayfish and American bullfrog.


ESR8 Roberta Skukan

Roberta is based at Neoalgae (Spain) and her research will look at Atlantic invasive seaweeds in a climate change scenario: Genetic and Mesocosm experiments for early detection and prevention.