The main research goal of AQUAINVAD-ED is to exploit novel molecular advances combined with the power of crowd data sourcing (citizen science) to develop innovative methods of early detection, control and management of AIS.

Invasive Species Survey

Our Swansea University based ESR Marta has designed a simple survey to gather the public’s knowledge and understanding of Invasive Species.

Marta said of the survey “Citizen attitudes to invasive species is key for achieving higher effectiveness on any proposed mitigation measure, since the most successful management approaches are those that gain social support. Also, incorporating  public opinions helps with the design of education campaigns and facilitates citizen engagement in prevention activities. So, that is why we would like to take into account your opinion about invasive species with the aim of make our environment better. We will be really grateful for your support”.

The survey can be found at:




Citizen Science Game

Our ESR Roberta who has been working with Neoalgae and the University of Oviedo , developed a citizen science game which would be accessible to all ages.

The rationale behind the game was that it would teach people to distinguish invasive seaweed from native varieties and would also encourage involvement in citizen science.

Roberta told us ” A case study was conducted on the coast of Asturias, during Surf, Music & Friend Festival, ALERTOOL workshop and in the high school of Salinas. We give a short introduction about the adverse impact of invasive seaweeds and why is it important to invest an effort against their spreading. We concluded that this game has the potential to become a tool to create an approachable data-flow between scientist and, not only older but also younger generations (junior citizens)”.


Aquainvad-ED Research Round up 2016

In this issue, find out more about the research our Early Stage Researchers have undertaken during 2016.

Aquainvad-ed project newsletter dec 2016